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By request, we have added Berry Daze Blueberry Lavender Mint Lemonade and Berry Daze Blueberry Crumble Muffins recipes, enjoy!

We are sad to have to say the blueberry and blackberry picking season has come to an end.  We really enjoyed seeing everyone and appreciate all the support throughout the season.  Blueberry and blackberry bushes will continue to be for sale throughout the year and check back for other products we plan to offer.  Thanks again and hope to see you all for berry picking next season!

The cicadas did damage to some of the bushes, but we are happy there are still a lot of berries on the bushes for the upcoming picking season.

Honeybees have been added to the farm.  Hope to have Berry Daze honey available for sale in the future.  More lavender was planted and we are also hopeful about that. 

Berry Daze t-shirts will be available for sale this year.  We are planting a garden and hope to have some produce to sell in time.  The blackberries are getting big and should be plentiful this season for picking. 

Blackberry and blueberry bushes will be available for sale.  Please message, email or call to schedule a time outside of scheduled picking times. Duke, Chandler, Elliott, Blue Crop, Spartan and Liberty blueberry varieties - 1 - 3 yr old bushes available from $10 - $20.

Don't forget to bring your buckets you purchased here.  We will also be selling buckets for $2.00/ea.  We weigh blueberries at checkout at $8.00/lb.  No outside containers will be permitted.  Cash is preferred but square credit card payments will be available with a 3% processing fee, no checks.



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